Bharat Sharma

Entrepreneur, Consultant and B2B Enterprise Level Digital Commerce & Content Solution Provider

Bharat’s core areas of expertise include organisational growth strategies & vision, operations, team-capability building, and financial-investment planning.

Bharat is founder and CEO of Monsoon Consulting which is an award winning Enterprise (Gold) level Magento solution partner agency based in the UK, Ireland and India.
Monsoon Consulting is currently powering over a value of 250 Million Euro (Rupees 1900 Cr) in transaction value per year for its high value clients including, Liverpool FC, Uniphar Pharmacy, Pallas Foods, Woodies DIY and Brymac UK.

Bharat has over 20 years of professional experience in IT markets of Europe (mainly UK, Ireland) and India, as an ICT entrepreneur, Ecommerce Consultant, Project manager and Programmer.

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