Distributed Contribution Day - Chennai


What should I do over there on the Contribution Day?

You will work side by side with Magento U Authorised Trainers on developing features and improvements for the Magento 2 core, e.g.:

• Develop feature/improvement

• Create tests

• Do cross code reviews

• Run tests and check results

• Create and merge PRs

What are the requirements?

• Working (up and running) Magento 2 version with develop branch, forked and pulled from GitHub

• Debugger and IDE are up to you, the team uses xdebug and PHPStorm

• Active GitHub account

• Desire to make contribution and have fun

Details of the Organiser in Chennai:

Website: https://www.dckap.com/

Contact Person Name: Monika V

Email: monikav@dckap.com

Contact Number: +91-8489861567

Contribution Day Address:


L76A, L Block, 21st Street,

Anna Nagar East, Chennai,

Tamil Nadu 600102

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