Abhishek Jaiswal

Director at CedCommerce

Abhishek Jaiswal is the Co-Founder of CedCommerce. With a strong passion for e-commerce, he has extensively explored the multifaceted dynamics of the industry. He is an advocate of e-commerce's immense potential and spreads awareness through his blogging and public speaking engagements. Abhishek's journey in the e-commerce landscape led him to establish CedCommerce in 2010, with the aim of democratizing e-commerce by assisting SMBs in transitioning to the web and optimizing their online presence. Under his guidance, the CedCommerce team has developed some of the best extensions for Magento E-commerce, such as the MultiVendor Marketplace Extension. Abhishek specializes in business start-up, development, and turnaround, revenue generation, e-commerce systems and integration, and more. He has a proven track record of guiding his team towards excellence, resulting in the development of various successful e-commerce solutions and extensions.