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Uncover an extraordinary opportunity to showcase your excellence and innovation in Magento and Adobe Commerce by participating in the prestigious awards program crafted by Meet Magento India. This exclusive initiative is designed to honor and spotlight remarkable achievements, expertise, and pioneering solutions within the Magento ecosystem, providing a unique platform for participants to distinguish themselves among their peers.

Explore a diverse array of award categories, carefully curated to assess entries based on customization, performance, migration, and integration. The winners will be announced via email on the event day, and the awards ceremony will take place in the main auditorium during the conference.

Participation in this award requires a nominal contribution fee of ₹500 ($6.25) for each application. It’s not only about recognition; your contribution will also play a crucial role in supporting the Magento Association fund, as all proceeds from the award nominations will be dedicated to this cause. 

Use this chance to elevate your standing in the Magento community and make a meaningful impact by submitting your application today!

How to Enter



Choose a category for your award nomination. You can submit multiple nominations in different categories to broaden the scope of your participation.


Fill out the nomination form to submit your entry. Please include all relevant details of your solution to help the judges see the scope and merit of your work.


A nominal fee of ₹500 ($6.25) is levied with each application which goes to the Magento Association. Your nomination is valid only after the payment has been successfully processed.

Award Categories

Craftsman of the year award

Best Magento 2 Customization

Recognizing websites that have effectively implemented and customized the Magento 2 platform to meet their unique business needs, including innovative CX/UX, using extensions, and creating tailored functionalities.
Applies to: Magento 2

Optimal Performance and Scalability

Acknowledging eCommerce sites built on Magento 2 that demonstrate exceptional performance, scalability, and efficient handling of large product catalogues and traffic excluding headless PWA implementations.
Applies to: Magento 2
Bridging the gap

The finest and most complex Integration

The finest and most complex integrations which have been challenging due to size, diversity in the platforms and tools, and demand skills to solve without compromising speed and workability (includes ERP, OMS, WMS, POS, Third Party Apps, Marketing Automation, and Analytics tools).
Applies to: Magento 2
B2B champ

Best B2B eCommerce Implementation

Wholesale and Distribution using Magento / Adobe B2B solutions is different from just another eCommerce store. Sites that have effectively utilised Magento for B2B eCommerce, having features like account management, custom pricing, customer segmentation, bulk ordering, ERP, WMS, OMS, Sales Rep App, and more.
Applies to: Magento 2 Adobe Commerce
Magical Migration

Outstanding Migration to Magento / Adobe Commerce

Acknowledging successful migration projects from other platforms to Magento or Adobe Commerce. They are true brand evangelists and have done smooth/seamless transitions while improving performance and managing TCO.
Applies to: Magento 2 Adobe Commerce
Headless Champ | Meet Magento India Awards

Class-leading Implementations of Headless Magento

Recognizing API-first headless Magento and Adobe Commerce builds that have delivered exceptional user experience with scalability, security and performance benefits to customers.
Applies to: Magento 2 Adobe Commerce

Award Benefits


Winning a Meet Magento Award isn’t just a moment of celebration – it’s an invaluable achievement that establishes credibility and earns industry recognition. The advantages extend beyond the trophy; it’s about seizing opportunities and solidifying your position as a recognized entity in the industry.

Benefits of receiving the award

  • Boosted Brand Visibility: Gain exposure to a wider audience and increase your online presence within the e-commerce sphere.
  • Established Credibility: Showcase your expertise and innovative solutions, solidifying your credibility within the industry.
  • Prominent Award Badge: Display the  Award Badge proudly on your website, signaling your achievement to potential clients and partners.
  • Dedicated Page on Meet Magento India Website: Stand out with your dedicated page on the Meet Magento India website, amplifying your reach and recognition.
Magento Association

Giving back to the community


At Meet Magento India, we believe in the power of giving back to the community that contributes to our growth and success. We are thrilled to announce our Awards initiative, where all proceeds received from nomination applications will be contributed to the Magento Association.

The Magento Association has a rich history of fostering and supporting technology projects, educational programs and community events, all with the aim of realising an open, healthy and powerful Magento ecosystem for continued success of future generations. Learn about the incredible work they do while driving change by visiting their website.



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