Abhishek Jakhotiya

Technical Architect at Graas.ai

Abhishek Jakhotiya, a Technical Architect at Graas.ai, is renowned as a performance expert and a certified Adobe Commerce Expert. He plays a pivotal role in ensuring the satisfaction of large B2B enterprise customers, managing stores with over 2.5 million SKUs and handling significant orders to deliver optimal performance. Before joining Graas, Abhishek honed his skills in performance engineering at HumCommerce, working on CRO/Analytics tools. A firm believer in the philosophy that a great developer experience leads to superior delivery quality. He is dedicated to creating tools that assist developers in identifying bugs through static analysis, migrating old codebases to newer versions, and conducting automatic impact analysis. Committed to sharing his expertise, Abhishek regularly provides actionable insights on LinkedIn, contributing to the broader tech community.


Track 1

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