Alfreds Genkins

Scandiweb, co-CTO

Alfreds Genkins, CTO of Scandiweb and creator of ScandiPWA, is a visionary leader known for his mastery of web-related programming languages. Passionate about learning, coding, and summer sports, Alfreds excels in web development with advanced skills while having a foundational grasp of app and game development. He gained recognition early, securing third place in a Scientific Research Projects competition in Latvia during school. His innovative spirit led him to create mechanisms for enabling mobility in disabled individuals, showcased through projects developed on the Arduino platform. From the age of eleven, Alfreds ventured into coding, developing apps like an SMS battery alert for Android and iOS prototypes. His web coding journey began at thirteen, progressing to complex JavaScript solutions and innovative projects, including a Chrome extension and base-template generator. As CTO of Scandiweb, his dedication to innovation and web development continues to redefine the digital landscape.



Building self-correcting Magento local setup


PWA Track - 2021

Customize and deploy a PWA storefront in 20 minutes together with me!


Technical Track - 2020

Launching the biggest Magento PWA store in the World!