Anuj Dalal

Founder & CEO at Zestard Technologies

Anuj Dalal, the visionary Founder & CEO of Zestard Technologies, is a dynamic leader in eCommerce solutions. With 15 years of expertise, he infuses innovation into "consumer first" ecosystems. Anuj's creative prowess and strategic acumen drive growth by fusing entrepreneurship, design, and technology. His proficiency spans B2C, B2B, marketplace, omnichannel, and subscription-based eCommerce. Beyond websites, his motto "We build Businesses and we do not (just) build websites" reflects his commitment to holistic growth.Recognized as a speaker, Anuj's insights grace prestigious platforms like "Meet Magento India 2021" and CIIE.co. He offers strategic consultation, shapes digital commerce platforms, excels in product management, SaaS, and digital marketing. Anuj Dalal's journey shapes eCommerce with innovation and "consumer first" philosophy, driving transformative change at Zestard Technologies.


Business Track - 2021

"Subscription Commerce" - Future of eCommerce