Eric Hileman

CEO @ MageMojo Magento Hosting

Eric Hileman is a technology enthusiast and Founder of Von Hileman. From an early age, he nurtured his passion for coding, beginning with a Commodore Vic-20 and progressing to mastering hardware, networking, and programming through the internet. With extensive experience, Eric has worked for various companies, founded and co-founded ventures like MageMojo, focusing on revolutionizing the IT industry by prioritizing employee satisfaction and engagement. He's a co-founder of ez.studios, LLC, Store Mail, Inc., and e-immigrationsolutions.com, Inc., all contributing to software projects and services. His role as Principal Consultant allowed him to explore various entrepreneurial endeavors, while his tenure at CECity.COM as Multimedia Director showcased his innovation in digital formats for medical education. Eric's commitment to innovation, technology, and fostering a positive work environment defines his career journey.