Jisse Reitsma

Magento Masters, Founder & trainer at Yireo

Jisse Reitsma is a prominent figure in the developer community, recognized for his extensive involvement with Yireo. As a Trainer of Developers since 2009, he conducts technical trainings in areas such as Magento 2, Shopware 6, ReactJS, and more. His contributions extend to architectural consulting, open-source development, speaking at events, performance audits, and Magento extensions. Jisse's influence also shines through his leadership roles, including being a board member of the Extension Developer Network, where he focuses on Magento 2 coding standards and compatibility. With a background in IT and a history of pioneering ventures, Jisse embodies the spirit of innovation and education in the tech world.


PWA Track - 2021

PWA Panel discussion


Technical Track - 2020

Magento PWA