Kyle Bloor


Kyle Bloor is a highly experienced Managing Director at MageCloud UK, a dedicated Magento, WordPress, and Shopify Developer/Consultant, and a Mentor at Ecommerce Camp UK. With a passion for elevating e-commerce to new heights, Kyle specializes in using data-driven performance and conversion optimization techniques to drive growth in e-commerce stores. He boasts over a decade of expertise in Magento and WordPress development. As the Managing Director of MageCloud UK, he leverages his technical acumen to consult, recommend enhancements, and oversee the setup of Magento instances with proprietary PaaS software. Kyle's roles span various organizations including SigWeb, Limely, Sutton Silver, Webtise, Networld Sports, and more, showcasing his proficiency in e-commerce development. He is also a certified Level 4 Diploma holder in Online Marketing from Shaw Academy for Online Marketing.


Business Track -2022

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