Milan Savaliya

CEO and Co-founder of Nirman Techlab Pvt Ltd

Milan Savaliya, CEO and co-founder of Nirman Techlab Pvt Ltd, began his career as a software engineer, developing a passion for creating impactful tech solutions across various industries. At Nirman Techlab, he leads the development of custom software, cloud solutions, and AI-powered integrations, including an innovative AI chatbot for online reservations. Milan holds a Master's in Science of Information and Technologies and is a certified Kubernetes expert, reflecting his dedication to advanced technology solutions. He advocates for the wise use of AI in technology, a theme central to his upcoming talk 'AI: Powered Programming and Development.' Outside of tech, Milan is an avid history enthusiast, particularly in World War 2, which fuels his lifelong pursuit of knowledge.


Track 1

AI-Powered Programming and Development