Ravi Trivedi

Founder, PushEngage

Ravi Trivedi is a visionary leader and Managing Director, Digital Agriculture at The/Nudge Institute, where he spearheads the transformation of agriculture for smallholder farmers. With a commitment to increasing farmer income and fostering resilient livelihoods, he identifies and scales impactful solutions while developing a thriving digital agriculture ecosystem. Collaborating with governments and partners, Ravi focuses on capital, technology, data, policy, and talent to drive positive change in the agriculture sector. Prior to this role, he served as an Indian Administrative Fellow in Agriculture with the Govt of Karnataka, working on AI and technology innovations for sustainable agriculture. Ravi's dynamic career includes founding PushEngage.com, a global web push notification platform, and being a Principal at Southeast Interactive Technology Funds. He has also made angel investments, led exits, and contributed as an Equity Analyst at Bank of America and a Software Engineer at Hewlett Packard. His dedication extends to mentoring startups and NGOs, holding an MBA from Duke University, an MS in computer science from IISc Bangalore, co-authoring a book on Web Service Security, and even holding a patent. Ravi's multifaceted expertise and commitment to positive impact continue to shape the agricultural and entrepreneurial landscape.


Business Track - 2020

Best Practices of Web Push Notifications