Vatsal Shah

eCommerce Consultant - Pragmatic Consultancy

Vatsal Shah is a Business Coach and Speaker at Pragmatic Consultancy, leveraging over 14 years of experience to provide transformation and growth strategies to IT and digital organizations. He excels in enhancing brand positioning, revenue, and profitability. Founding Pragmatic Consultancy in 2008 and co-founding three startups, Vatsal has guided 85 IT, Digital Agencies, eCommerce, and Retail transformations as a business coach, training over 15,000 individuals and 225 CEOs across India, China, UK, Africa, Ireland, and the USA. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Directors at Magento Association and contributes to global events, such as Meet Magento and WordCamp. Vatsal's role as CEO and Business Coach at Pragmatic Consultancy involves providing strategic advisory, coaching, growth management, marketing, and sales consulting to CEOs and middle management. He's also known as an eCommerce evangelist, running ecomkeeda.com to share industry insights and strategies.


Business Track - 2021

Triumph online sales with BI and Consumer Psychology