Ben Marks

Magento Evangelist, Adobe

Ben Marks is a seasoned leader in the e-commerce industry with over two decades of experience. As the Director of Global Market Development at Shopware, he is driving the expansion of open source commerce on a global scale. With a strong foundation in Magento, Ben's contributions as a Magento Evangelist at Adobe and Magento have been instrumental in fostering community engagement and promoting the platform's growth worldwide. His role as a founding board member of the Magento Association reflects his commitment to diversity and collaboration within the $5 billion Magento ecosystem. Ben's extensive training and development expertise, including roles at Blue Acorn, showcase his dedication to nurturing innovation and knowledge sharing. With a background in web design and psychology, Ben Marks is a multifaceted professional who has left an indelible mark on the e-commerce landscape through his strategic insights and community-driven approach.


Keynote Track - 2020

Magento Evangelist, Adobe