Saurabh Rajpal

Technical Mobile Solutions Consultant

Saurabh Rajpal is a dynamic tech leader with extensive experience spanning over a decade in various technical and managerial roles. Currently serving as an APAC Tech Lead and Staff Customer and Partner Solutions Engineer at Google, he excels in people, project, and program management, as well as technical sales, product consulting, and full-stack software development. Saurabh's expertise encompasses a range of specialized areas, including scaling product adoption, developing advanced web apps, consulting on modern web formats, building full-stack applications, and designing scalable back-end systems on cloud platforms like AWS and GCP. With a background in both development and leadership, he specializes in bridging the gap between technology and business needs. Notably, he has played an integral role in improving the quality and diversity of web experiences, making the web a compelling platform for users, creators, and businesses. As a seasoned tech speaker and content writer, Saurabh is known for sharing his expertise in web, cloud, application development, and business case studies. His journey has taken him through roles at notable companies including Google, Expedia, Cisco, and more, where he's demonstrated his ability to lead, innovate, and drive successful outcomes. Saurabh's passion for technology, people, and solutions makes him a valued leader in the tech industry.


Keynote Track - 2020

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