Sahil Chugh

Founder & CEO | MageHost

Sahil Chugh is an accomplished entrepreneur with a track record of more than 13 years, driven by a passion for creating technologies that streamline IT operations for businesses. He is the Founder and CEO of WebScoot.io, a pioneering force in Managed eCommerce hosting. WebScoot.io leads in performance, scalability, innovation, and security, addressing the diverse needs of eCommerce store owners and providing a comprehensive infrastructure solution. Sahil also co-founded ServerGuy.com and played a pivotal role in its growth from a team of 2 to a team of 40 individuals. Sahil's expertise lies in an array of specialties including website acceleration, DevOps, high-availability scalable servers, Magento, security, growth hacking, and web-infrastructure consulting. With a history of success, Sahil Chugh continues to leave a remarkable impact on the tech and hosting industry.


Business Track - 2020

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